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Seasons Greetings and welcome to my blog

Holy Moly! I’ve been walking around this for an age….no more procrastination…. I’m diving in and getting this out!

The desire to write this blog has been borne from the wish to share with you, all of the wonderful things and people that I have come across, things personally experienced and work with, to help turn uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings and emotions towards the lighter side of happiness, healing and just plain ‘feeling better’.

I have always been inquisitive and open to trying many different forms of healing whether it be through physical movement, nutrition and diet or spiritual and energetic development.

For those reasons I naturally morphed from someone who was a designer in a very unfeeling yet creative corporate environment to an independent Holistic therapist who works with massage, energy healing, the Bach Flower Remedies. I’ll admit to a mild obsession with ‘we are what we eat’ and everything that comes with it, the seed of which started in Domestic Science classes way back when and has continued to capture my attention resulting in me becoming a Nutrition Coach.

So much to talk about I can barely wait to get going!

For now though I’m writing this as it’s the countdown to Christmas so it’s huge love to you all and I will emerge the other side in January 2020 with my first blog: Massage. Treat or Treatment.

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