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Bach flower remedies

Bach Flower Remedies

Have you ever wondered how you can lift your mood and deal with rising emotions that are impacting your daily life without enduring a long waiting list at the doctors, expensive therapies and medicines and the echoes of the stiff upper lip attitude of generations gone before us?

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Being human means that we will encounter all sorts of emotions on our journey through life. Whilst some feel fantastic (joy, love and moments of pure happiness) others can leave us feeling tormented and distressed. Unattended, emotions like this cause havoc on our wellbeing. As our negative emotions start to rule and dictate our daily actions and interactions, our physical health follows the lead resulting with compromised health inside and out.


Trauma, sadness, envy, hatred, apathy and feeling lost are just some of the difficult emotions that affect children, teenagers and adults. Giving these emotions a voice and recognition is the first step in starting to heal them.

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Working with a Bach Remedy Practitioner, gives you the time and space to talk openly about the issues that are causing you distress. We work together to discover and listen to the feelings and emotions that have risen to the surface. During your session a single or several remedies will be identified and you will take home your own personal remedy bottle, obtain instructions on how to take the remedies and how to prepare future mixes for yourself.

At a second consultation we can discuss where you have felt the different emotional shifts whilst taking your personal remedy bottle.

Whilst some emotions are bought into equilibrium and balance, others can suddenly appear and rise to the surface. Some deep-rooted emotions may need a longer dose of a particular remedy.

As you discover the healing benefits of the Bach Flower Remedies you may want to continue with ongoing sessions. You will start to get into the habit of self-checking with the knowledge that you have a wonderful system at hand to help overcome your distress and bring peace to the mind.

These safe and simple remedies can be used for children, teens, adults and animals too. They will not interfere with any existing medication or treatment that you are following and only help to support and bring peace to your emotions during these times.


Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach Flower remedies were discovered by Dr Bach in the 1930’s. He recognised 38 different emotions that are as relevant today as they were then. Whilst most people will have heard of, and likely taken the Rescue Remedy (which is a blend of 5 of the single remedies) there is a complete system that works with any type of emotion that you may be dealing with. These flower remedies are simple tinctures that are immersed in water and either boiled or left to distil in the sunlight. (The only exception to the flowers is the remedy rock water which is collected from an unspoilt spring in Wales) For more detailed information and to learn more about the remedies follow

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