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Nutrition Coaching and Weight Loss with the Bach Flower Remedies

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you’ve tried lots of diets and lost weight, just to put it back on again a few months later. It’s a frustrating cycle of ‘ups and downs’ both physically and emotionally.

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Do you believe that you can change your eating habits and patterns for good, lose weight and sustain it rather than fluctuate up and down for the rest of your life?

I’ve been there too, but it’s in recent years that the memories of ‘a little bit of everything does you good’ and ‘everything in moderation’, (my Grandmothers generational food mantra) reminded me that if we know what our bodies need to sustain health and fuel and don’t overload the system we can happily enjoy all food groups and maintain our healthy weight. Whilst Granny may have been saying this as she was enjoying a little slice of chocolate cake and this isn’t a green light ... (especially not at the beginning of a weight loss programme) this attitude of balance and feeling good about what we eat, mixed with good feeling thoughts and regular exercise are a sure start to feel, and therefore look our best.

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For more information on the different programmes and prices please contact Louisa Cox

I have always had an interest in food from a nutritional point of view which goes back to domestic science classes at school where the focus was very much on nutrition and have spent the last decade meal planning and cooking from fresh, pretty much most of the time. Consequently, I’ve adopted some great habits around food which have just become part of my lifestyle.

My approach to nutritional coaching and weight loss involves a practical exploration of your existing eating patterns, food choices and lifestyle habits.

Whether you choose the’ Back to Nutrition’ or ‘Change for Good’ programme there is an extra element to my approach that will help keep you focused and with a clear mind.

As we engage in changing set in patterns and habits, we often experience resistance and our emotional world can be challenged making the whole process harder. For this reason, I use the simple and natural Bach Flower Remedies to run alongside each programme. The Bach Flower Remedies will gently bring you back to balance and equilibrium will be restored.

These programmes look after both your body and your mind.


Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach Flower remedies were discovered by Dr Bach in the 1930’s. He recognised 38 different emotions that are as relevant today as they were then. Whilst most people will have heard of, and likely taken the Rescue Remedy (which is a blend of 5 of the single remedies) there is a complete system that works with any type of emotion that you may be dealing with. These flower remedies are simple tinctures that are immersed in water and either boiled or left to distil in the sunlight. (The only exception to the flowers is the remedy rock water which is collected from an unspoilt spring in Wales) For more detailed information and to learn more about the remedies follow

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