Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner 

Nutrition Coach Holistic Therapist

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear - Buddha

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About Me

Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner 
Nutrition Coach Holistic Therapist

My true calling and passion lie in helping people feel better within themselves. Many variants come into play in our daily life that can knock us off balance and play havoc with our emotions. I am genuinely honoured to be able to offer ways that bring peace of mind and facilitate change through healing, that benefit the mind and in turn the body.


We evolve very quickly to understand the physical body. We experience physical pains, bumps and bruises as soon as we take our first steps and automatically know to visit the medicine cabinet, doctors or even the hospital. Of course, there are many ways that help with the struggling mind and associated emotions. In my experience there were no cures teaching me how to heal or to give proper space to these things but rather a ‘stiff upper lip’ approach of yesteryear.


I have experienced big shifts and results using the Bach Flower Remedies for both myself and my clients. As a Registered Practitioner with the Bach Centre I work with you to identify rising emotions and you will experience the benefits that these flower remedies provide. Whilst working with clients who were following my nutrition coaching programmes, I noticed that the biggest obstacles and challenges they faced were linked to their thought processes and beliefs around food. Their ability to stay focused and to achieve set goals are often made harder by a conflicting mix of emotions, doubts and external influences. I integrated the Bach Flowers into these programmes to greater effect.

My journey into healing therapies started over 25 years ago with the introduction of Reiki from a friend which provided such beneficial results to my mental and physical wellbeing that I was inspired to train in this healing art. Massage therapy flowed naturally from here and I have been offering this to individuals, groups within the workplace and hotel environments.



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  • Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner (BFRP)

  • Massage Therapist ( ITEC Level 3 in Massage and Anatomy and Physiology)

  • Reiki Practitioner (Level 2 Usui Shiki Ryoho System)

  • Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach ( Future Fit Advanced Nutrition Diploma) 

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