Nutrition Coaching and Weight Loss

Lou offers a fresh approach to nutrition. This is a much more individualised approach than most of the diets I have been on before. Looking at my food intake and daily habits has helped me understand where I needed to make changes and through making small changes one step at a time. I have lost weight and regained some vital energy, all of this despite going through a very busy period in my life.

Louisa’s support has been paramount to this. I now make really good food choices throughout the day and this is something I feel confident to take with me into the future. Louisa is understanding, compassionate and professional and I would recommend her without hesitation.



I started working with Lou in mid- May 2018, when I approached her to help me reduce my weight before a possible operation at the end of the year. I have found the experience a total revelation from the beginning. My relationship with food and exercise has always been difficult, and at times almost toxic, but Lou has introduced me to a different way of eating and a knowledge of foods that I never knew before. She even encourages snacks!!

Plus, I have started swimming, which I haven't done for over 20 years, and which I had forgotten how much I enjoyed. My friends are in a state of shock at the change.

Lou reads me well, and knows that I need encouragement, not strict rules, and is firm enough with me to not feel pressurised or guilty when my resolve lapses every now and again.

I've lost over a stone since we joined forces, and whilst it's a slower weight loss than my patience prefers, I know that it's a healthy loss, that will continue, because of my changed mind-set, and the encouragement that Lou unconditionally gives me. Lou gave me a Bach Flower Remedy to take as I was feeling completely overwhelmed to begin with and my confidence to try weight loss again after so many attempts was wavering. During the time I amazed myself at my resolve and felt very level headed throughout.


Bach Flower Consultations

I went to see Louisa for help when I was experiencing stress. During the consultation she asked me a series of questions which really helped me to pick apart and identify the feelings. It's often difficult during times of stress to ascertain exactly how you're feeling and I found that Louisa seemed to intuitively know what to ask in order to create the right remedy for me. I felt better within 24 hours of taking the remedy. For me this is a much better and healthier alternative to pharmaceuticals. Louisa listens with empathy and uses her skills as a Bach practitioner to create a remedy that only contains what you need. I can't recommend her and Bach remedies more!


I’ve had a very positive experience with Louisa and highly recommend her services. The consultations are confidential and professional and Louisa’s approach is warm and insightful. The remedies she mixed for me seem to be working very well. 5*****