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Massage: Treat or Treatment

Being a Holistic Massage Therapist I’ve always been much more interested in ‘prevention rather than cure’ when it comes to our wellbeing.

Consequently, I have a steady stream of clients who visit once a week or at least very regularly, for a massage. It helps keep them in balance and give them some ‘self’ time. They are fully aware of the benefits of full body relaxation and the wonderfully healing effect it has on the nervous system. The use of therapeutic oils play to the senses through smell and also absorb into the skin and further add to the joyous and healing experience.

I’d say that mostly these visits have sprung from a need to ‘tune out’ and find some rest bite in a world that throws up a countless number of stresses. Stress untreated throws up all sorts of other feelings and anxiety and depression can take a firm grip if we don’t take measures to help ourselves through our challenges.

In my 20’s I’d always noticed how the regularity of massage therapy really helped me through the challenges of young adulthood. Moving away from home with few supporting influences and a fast paced, travel heavy career, saw my energy depleted on many an occasion and massage was always my go to. Not only did my body and mind feel calmer and more nurtured, I always felt supported . There was a sense of feeling empowered due to the fact I had taken my health into my own hands. Ok. Physically somebody else’s hands but you get what I mean.

For most of us though our thought to turn to self- nurture and serious self- care when the going gets tough is often far down the list of essentials and the idea of seeking out massage therapy as a form of real help in such times just a mere whisper of an idea. Wouldn’t that be lovely? What a treat that would be! I’ve noticed that there can be a feeling of self -indulgence at the mere mention and maybe the idea of laying down for an hour without any of your normal distractions just seems unnecessary. So as a reminder that’s its essential to look after yourself well and establishing and maintaining good habit brings amazing things, here’s a reminder of the benefits of regular massage:

  • It helps to decrease stress

  • Encourages positive hormone production

  • Reduces aches and pains

  • Improves energy levels

  • It brings with it the healing power of ‘touch’ and connection

  • Massages feel good

Plain and simple.

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