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Dry Body Brushing - A detox for the skin

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

When it comes to our Immune System and keeping it healthy, we generally look at ways to fix our diet through eating more of certain foods. All well and good. However, there is a rather large part of our bodies that is often left out of the equation. Did you know that our skin is our largest organ and one third of the toxins in our systems are excreted through it. By dry brushing the skin regularly you can really boost your immune system whilst giving your skin a glow, improve your circulation and reduce cellulite. What’s not to like quite frankly.

Dry brushing ( brushing the skin with a brush that has natural bristles) is an age- old practice that has grown in popularity again in recent years. It’s become an essential inclusion into any beauty regime whilst offering Immune System boosting benefits too.

More specifically, dry body brushing stimulates the Lymphatic System which is a network of lymph vessels connecting the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes filter the foreign bodies or nasties that we don’t want hanging around in our systems and help towards the overall detoxification process further down the line. This along with the benefits of soft skin ( when combined with moisturising) and smoother looking skin are enough reason to include this practice into your self-care routine.

How to Dry Brush the skin

  • Dry Brush before you shower or bathe.

  • The general rule of thumb is to use your dry brush to brush skin in long vertical motions upwards towards the next section. Circle around the joints ( ankles, knees and hips) in a clockwise motion. For each area repeat motion 4-5 times.

  • To break the routine down into sections, move brush from bottom to top or towards the direction of the heart. From feet to ankles, from ankles to knees and knees to hips.

  • Be gentle around sensitive parts of the body. The brushing motion should be firm but not uncomfortable.

  • At the arms start with the hands and use long vertical motions towards your elbows, circling around the elbow and then the upper arm towards the shoulder.

  • Next, shower or bathe in warm water and thoroughly clean the skin. A good thing to do if in the shower is to turn the water to a ‘bearable’ cold temperature. This will close the pores. If you are really brave, then you could practice the Wim Hoff* style of cold-water showering.

  • Pat skin with towel to dry

  • Finish with applying your skin moisturiser all over. Here I like to use a luxurious body oil* , which helps to make the experience truly nourishing and Spa like.

  • Wear floaty cotton clothes and waft around the house. You will feel amazing.

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Happy brushing!

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