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Keeping a calm mind in an uncertain world

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

At the moment more than any time we can remember we are finding ourselves being tested. Being cut off from normal human interaction and the not knowing just how long it will be that we can wildly run around hugging our friends and family, or share any kind of space with each other is just starting to take effect. Social distancing is our new normal, and If like me, you are one of the thousands of Self-employed, doubt and fear for your financial security may have replaced the enthusiasm and passion you normally hold for building and growing your business.

However, as fate would have it, we are creatures of survival. We’re learning to continue our exercise via Zoom and have group chats via Street Party and what’s App. None of it is the same but it’ll do for now. We will inevitably discover new things that we hadn’t realised existed and develop new skills (I can’t stop baking) or give time to the things we’ve always wanted to do. Some of us will be changed forever. We just don’t know how yet.

And how do we cope emotionally when we have been forced to isolate ourselves from our very habitual and animal instincts of interaction with others? These days are bringing our very relationship with ourselves and our interactions with others into question and into the spotlight. One friend I know is totally on her own, another has a house full of 7. Neither rarely works well after a few days.

How is this all impacting your emotional health? If you’re apart from family, you may find yourself worrying about their safety. If you’re alone and generally find it difficult to reach out to other’s, then this will test you. Are you anxious and generally worried about the unknown?

Let me introduce you to the Bach Flower Remedies. A set of emotional aids that gently remove negative emotional thought processes or treat emotional discomfort. Available from most chemists, the Rescue Remedy may have already helped you out in a stressful situation. Most people already know about the quick results that this combination of flower remedies (5 in total) can bring. Used frequently for times when feelings of terror and shock, trauma and fright have taken over. What you may not have cottoned on to is the fact that these 5 remedies are part of a larger set of 38. They’re easy to take, natural and perfectly safe. A set of remedies that are complete in their inclusion for treatment of any type of negative emotion.

My go to whenever I notice that I’m over worrying about every little thing is Mimulus or when I’m worried about my daughter, Red Chestnut. When I find that people around me are pushing my buttons and testing my tolerance levels, I take Beech. The inevitably of the enormity of it all at times sees me reaching for Elm which is to be taken for Overwhelm.

It’s in times like these that our emotional health will be tested and so these remedies can be really helpful. They can’t do you any harm, upon instruction they are simple to use and they don’t interfere with any current medications nor do they have unpleasant side effects.

The remedies are tinctures to be taken orally. You may only need one or a combination of up to 7, being the maximum number at any one time. If it’s a combination of remedies that your current moods are reflecting then a 30ml mixing bottle, spring water and a tiny amount of brandy are required to complete a treatment bottle which you will take over the course of approximately 3 weeks. The remedies will do the rest. You will find that things won’t bother you in the same way and things you have fixated upon simply disappear as a thought process. You may think this witchcraft or the placebo effect but whichever I have many positive lines of feedback from clients and my own astonishing results to know that there is power behind these plants chosen and intuited by Dr Bach back in the 1930’s.

Dr Bach devised this system to be simple. So that anybody can use the remedies. And it is that simple. Most of though can have a hard time tuning into our emotions and its often easier to let someone else question your thought processes and what lies behind the feelings of fear, anxiety, apathy and the like. As you get started with using the remedies it is advisable to seek out a Practitioner who is trained in the art of questioning, to seek out the correct emotions that have taken a negative turn and therefore put together a remedy bottle that is unique to you. Instruction on how to take the plant medicine will also be clearly laid out.

In these times where face to face interaction has been halted, I am offering a consultation and delivery service via email or phone. If you would like to know anymore about the remedies or would like to book a consultation, then please contact me via my website.

For now, I wish you peace and harmony



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